Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What could I possibly need from the laundromat?

I can't think of anything, but apparently the Grandin Road laundromat has it.  What do you think "it" is?  I guess I need some clean laundry, but the sign implies that there's something more...  Ideas?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Searching for the holy grail of vintage stuff

I've done quite a bit of research (shopping) to find awesome vintage stuff.  It doesn't matter what kind of stuff, as long as it has character.  I've been to every thrift store in Roanoke, and even visit thrift stores when I travel, but I've found the most awesome stuff is... my Mom's jewelry drawer!  Can you believe she has had this ring for ages and just pulled it out to show me a couple of weeks ago?  She asked me to sell it for her.  LOL, right Mama, I'll sell it and won't wear this costume-jewelry-piece-of-awesomeness. 

Wonderful Wednesday

I have no purpose today, so I'll share my miscellaneous and random thoughts for the last several days.  Hmmm...what's been happening in the world lately?  Hmmmm...oh wait, I know!  The Royal Wedding!  I love the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice hats.  I thought Beatrice looked beautiful, even though others disagree.  If I was to go to a royal wedding, I'd wear her dress and hat.
Now let's talk about Camilla.  Nah, let's don't.  I can't stand her. I feel sure she smells like farm animals. If I had a racehorse, I'd like to name it "Camilla the Homewrecker", but wouldn't want to give a nice horse such a horrible name.
I thought Catherine (nee Kate) looked beautiful with her tiny waist and all that, but I was hoping for something more over the top.  There should have been a tiny hat or something wacky thrown in there. 
Last but not least, I love Harry.  I have a soft spot for Gingers, but I'd probably never marry one.

Ta ta for now!